Early Days and Influences

Buzzed on British pop confection

I was a young boy when the Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was electric shock treatment that jolted my consciousness, and I've been buzzed on British Invasion pop confection ever since. But the pain in John Lennon's blistering voice led me to discover the roots of the music I loved in the tortured but glorious history of the African American experience and the origins of Blues and R&B. From Big Bill Broonzy to The Beatles to Blur and beyond these songs will never leave me, and I'll never leave them. So now I'm singing the songs I love, from Merseyside to Riverside. You'll hear the echoes in the "Cover Boy" album of cover songs, in the "Juicy Fruits" collection of home recordings below, and in the live shows as well. In confounding times embrace the things you love. Revel in the art that makes your soul soar. Sing for your life, if you can.

Live Shows